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When King Daksha failed to invite Lord Shiva for the yagna he arranged, Dakshayini, his daughter and the consort of Lord Shiva was livid. She felt that her husband had been unduly insulted. She confronts her father even after Shiva warns her that it would be futile and that she would be insulted at her father’s yagna. When Shiva’s prediction came true and Dakshayini jumps into the fire, Shiva’s anger knew no bounds.
He came to earth and kept his left foot on top of the Rajagambeera mountain. His fury turned the mountain into a volcano and erupted by which the mountain split in two and began burning. In this heat there was a woman who was the most affected. She was Ganga who was residing in the locks of Shiva. She called out to her brother the omnipotent Vishnu, who arrived immediately to rescue his sister from her plight.
He created seven lakes and used the water from these lakes to put out the fire induced by Shiva’s fury. The mountain on which Shiva placed his left foot is known as Midhimalai and the place where he placed his right foot is known as Adi Annamalai. Ganga is said to have enshrined herself in this place.
The legend behind this temple of Gangaiamman is this:
During the reign of the Vijayanagar King Bukka, his son Kumarakambanan was combating forces from the north in the southern states. At that time, he unnecessarily picked up a fight with the king of Rajagambeera, Rajanarayana Venrumankondan. The war was fought in Kalambur. Rajanarayan who fleed in the end ran to Kalvasal. Kumarakamban’s army followed him there. Though Kumarakamban won the war, he entrusted the kingdom to Rajanarayan. This was later known as Sandhavasal. According to legend, Kumarakamban’s wife built the temple for Gangadevi when the goddess appeared in her dream.
The temple is on the foothills of the Rajagambeera mountain.
This temple is situated on the Tiruvannamalai-Vellore route. It is 50 kms from Tiruvannamalai and 32 kms from Vellore.


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