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A man was running fast and he was stopped my another man.

“Why are you running so fast?”

Runner: “Didn’t you know? There is saint who has come to our village from afar and several of us are going to meet him.”

“But for that why are you running so fast? Our man persisted.”

“The tickets will get over,” said the runner.


“Yes, said the man. Each ticket costs Rs. 100 and the one who buys it will be rid of all his sins. I don’t have time to stop and chat with you, why don’t you also join me,” he asked.

So our man joins the runner. Soon they reached the village where the saint had camped. Several people had already congregated in a place and inside a large room, the saint was distributing the tickets and taking money for it. Those in the crowd who had bought the ticket were relieved that they were absolved of their sins. Our man too rushed inside and got two tickets from the saint.

Finally, the saint counted the money he had collected and found that there was Rs.10,000 in his bag. He tied it in a cloth bag and happily started for the next village.

It was becoming dark and the saint was passing through a dense forest. Suddenly a man jumped in front of the saint. He took a dagger from his pocket and told the saint “Give all your possessions to me otherwise I will kill you.”

Deciding that his life was more important than money, he gave his money bag to the thief. But he couldn’t contain his disappointment on losing his money. So he asked the thief “Why are you doing this? Don’t you know that it is a great sin to steal?”

The thief who by now you all know is our man at the beginning of our story, smiled.

“That’s why I bought two tickets. One was to absolve myself of my previous sins and the other one was to absolve myself of my sin after I looted you.The saint was dumbstruck. He finally realized that under the guise of a holy man one cannot cheat everyone all the time. 


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