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A temple was situated in a corner of the village. There was a huge neem tree outside the temple in which there lived a ghost. The ghost was living in the tree with the hope that it would be absolved off its sins if it stayed close to God.
There lived a devotee in the village who came to the temple everyday. He sang in a loud voice after which he would eat the prasadam (offering made to the Lord that day) and leave. He had the feeling that he was an exceptionally good singer. But other devotees and people of the village thought otherwise and complained about his loud singing.
One day after finishing his food at the temple he was walking home. The ghost called him from atop the tree. “Stop! it said. The man stopped and looked around but could see no one. “Who is it?” he asked.
“I am a ghost living in this tree,” came the reply. The man was scared out of his wits and was about to run, when the ghost said “I am the one who is very scared of you. Can you do me a favor?”
The man looked confused.
The ghost went on. “I had sufficient knowledge of music before I died. But now after listening to your music I feel that I would die again. Please stop singing from today.”
The man said “What will I do for my food then?”
“Don’t worry. I will give you an idea. I will soon enter the body of the princess of this kingdom. The king, her father will call all magicians and tantrics to heal her. But I will not leave her body until you arrive there. You then tell the king that you can drive the ghost from the princess’ body and I will leave,” said the ghost.
“The king will then reward you for your services and you will be a rich man,” the ghost added.
The man agreed and the ghost went to the palace and took his place inside the princess’ body. Everything happened the way the ghost had predicted. The village was free from the loud noise it was used to in the mornings.
However, one day the neem tree had a visitor. It was God himself. He called out to the ghost and thanked him for driving the man away from the temple as his singing was bothering Him so much. Then god told the ghost that he will be absolved off his sins for doing Him a service by driving away the singer.
This is a folk tale which I read recently. The tale stated that many devotees want to talk to God but didn’t know in which language. It went on to add that the only language God would understand was by observing silence. 🙂


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