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Once there was a hermit by name Vibhandaka. He had a son by name Rishyashringa, who had two small deer horns on his head. Vibhandaka wanted his son to learn the Vedas and be a Bhramachari. So he raised him without meeting anyone from the opposite sex.
Meanwhile, Romapada, was a king who was ruling over the kingdom of Anga. For a long time there was no rain in his kingdom. So he called a meeting of all the sages in his kingdom and asked for suggestions from them to bring in rain. Some of them suggested that he bring the son of Vibhandaka, who was a brahmachari to conduct a yagna in the kingdom, which could bring rain.
The overjoyed king told them to go and bring the boy. The sages then told him that Vibhandaka did not allow the boy to get out of the Ashram and that the king should send dancers to lure him out and bring him to the kingdom. The king then called a few of his celebrated dancers and briefed them on their job of bringing Rishyashringa to the kingdom of Anga.
The dancers at the bidding of the king reached the Ashram of Vibhandaka and planted themselves behind some bushes waiting for the father to leave the ashram. Soon Vibhandaka left the ashram and one of the dancers began to sing. Soon the others began to dance and come out from behind the trees. Hearing the sweet music, Rishyashringa was stunned to see some beauties singing and dancing outside his ashram. He had heard from his father about the nymphs in heaven but he had not seen anyone in flesh and blood. He invited them inside the ashram and fed them fruits and listened to their music. Soon Vibhandaka was heard arriving and the guests left abruptly.
Rishyashringa could not get the women out of his thoughts and he did not tell his father about their arrival either. The next day when the hermit left the dancers arrived and Rishyashringa was treated to more singing and dancing. When they were about to leave, he pleaded with them to take him along with them. This was the moment the dancers were waiting for. They took Rishyashringa along with them and the king performed the yagna with his help. The kingdom got rains soon and the king invited Vibhandaka and told him what had happened. He asked for forgiveness for his deed. Vibhandaka too realized his folly of raising his son this way going against the laws of nature.


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I wish all my readers a very happy and safe Diwali.

Once during the Kritha yuga, there was a sage who was blessed with a son. As soon as the son was born his wife died. He raised his son on his own without remarrying. The sage taught all that he knew of the vedas adn educated him well. The son had deep regard for his father and took good care of him in his old age.

Time passed and the sage one day attained the lotus feet of the lord. The son was devastated at his loss and was also angry with Yama the God of death and wanted to destroy him. To this end he began to meditate on the lord seeking help in destroying Yama. Surya, the sun god was scared that his son Yama would come to harm because of this boy’s penance. He appeared before the boy and told him that every human being had to die one day and this was inevitably everyone’s fate.

The boy was not convinced with Surya’s explanation and began to say a curse on both Surya and Yama. At that moment some heavenly nymphs arrived on the scene and told him not to get angry. But his anger didn’t dissipate. Finally they told him that they would bring his father in front of him once. At this the boy calmed down and was pacified. The nymphs then brought back the sage from his ancestral world in front of his son. The boy was thrilled and prostrated before his father. His father then explained to him about how it was not possible for a dead person to come back to the earth once again.

The boy in turn told his father “when you were alive I have not offered you food nor have bothered to ask if you were hungry. Will you have something to eat now?”

The sage took permission from the nymphs and partook the fruits offered by his son. The nymphs then told him that Diwali day his father would appear in his ancestral form to his door and partake of his offerings and bless him. The boy was pacified and thanked the nymphs for their help. On the day of Diwali when you propitiate your ancestors they will shower you with their blessings.

It is widely believed that during diwali puja the spirits of ancestors visit their homes to bless their kin.

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